Copy Writing – Website Copy to Avoid

Affiliate business copywriters however must be aware of the extent of how much they can express their creativity. There affiliate programs, for instance, that do not allow their links, flash ads, and buttons to be modified in any way. There are businesses that want to be consistent with their products’ branding. This means that all of their affiliates must use certain uniform slogans, title phrases, colors, images, fonts, and many other elements. Sometimes, too many changes on affiliate materials can be considered as a breach of contract. This means that the program partner may refuse to give payment for the referrals generated by overly modified ads.

1. Avoid foul words. While using foul words can sometimes be effective in sending a powerful message across the consumers, these same words can make the website a subject of adult filtering software. In writing affiliate marketing copies, use a voice that is appropriate with the product or service being promoted. Stay wholesome as much as possible.

Porn makes a lot of money, but if you are interested in promoting porn, stick to porn itself. If you’re website deals with wholesome products and services, do not attempt to include adult sites in your affiliate ads. Adult content automatically limits the website in its appearance in search engines. No matter how preppy, clean, and kind the voice of the website is, if search engine spiders find any adult content in the site, they will categorize the website as adult.

2. Make the copy personal. Readers will be more curious about the product or service if the affiliate marketers’ pre-selling page involves situations to which they can relate. Providing plots, anecdotes, and remarks that people commonly experience in their lives will build the readers’ affinity towards the featured product or service. In other words, the affiliate marketer must answer the question, “How will this product (lipstick, baseball bat, T-Shirt, slippers, ointment, orange drink, etc.) make my life better?”

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Natural Link Building With Quality Websites

Link building is one of the most important aspects of optimizing your website for top search engine placement because search engines view each link to your website as a “vote.” There are two types of links that you can build to your website: Reciprocal and one-way links.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are links that are built from each website, to each website. For example, if you link to another website, and that website links to you, you basically have exchanged reciprocal links. Supposedly, all links to your website are positive, so you should build as many of these types of links as you possibly can. However, don’t expect these types of links to raise your search engine rank as much as one-way links will.

One-way Links

One-way links are links from websites that you do not link to. If a website links to you and you do not link to the website, then the website is linking to you on its own accord. If you have some type of relationship with the other website, the search engines shouldn’t have any way of knowing about this relationship. They believe the website is linking to you simply because it approves of your website. If you’re selling widgets, that website approves of your widgets and wants you to reach more people and sell more of them.

However, you have to be careful about who links to your website. Google wants to see that good websites link to you; that is, “good neighborhood,” family-friendly websites. If spam, hate, or adult websites link to you, search engines will view your website as belonging to this family of bad neighborhood websites. It’s like having a bunch of pals from the ghetto: The police are more likely to raise their eyebrows when you walk by.

When you build links to your website, build some reciprocal links, but focus hard on one-way link building. These are the highest quality links that you can build. In addition, be sure the websites that link to you are family friendly, quality websites, preferably with high page ranks.

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